How to Forego Impossible Parenting Standards & Tap into Our Own Wisdom with Meghan Leahy ReRelease

This podcast will focus on how parents can get away from the pressures of perfectionism and the rules of what they “have to do” as parents. Mothers and fathers need to learn how to parent outside of the lines, tap into their own wisdom and connect with their child in order for their families to thrive. Forget helicopter parenting, tiger moms, positive parenting or being mindful in the middle of a meltdown and instead discover relatable ways to stay connected to your kids.

How to Raise Kids Who Don’t Act Like Jerks with Melinda Wenner Moyer

This podcast will focus on how to raise kids who don’t act like jerks—who aren’t racist, sexist, rude bullies and instead show up in this world as empathetic, kind good people. Melinda Wenner Moyer, who writes for Scientific American and The New York Times, offers her insights from assessing thousands of research studies on kids on this latest episode of How to Talk to Kids about Anything.

How to Raise and Antiracist with Ibram X. Kendi

This podcast will focus on how to raise and antiracist—actively pursuing ways to challenge stereotypes, discriminatory norms and racist structures while teaching kids to use empathy and ask critical questions about what they see, hear and feel regarding race. We will learn how to raise an antiracist from this week’s guest, Dr. Ibram X. Kendi.

How to Help Parents Understand & Support their LGBTQ Kids with Kristin Russo – ReRelease

This podcast will focus on answering key questions for parents of LGBTQ kids that lead to greater understanding and support. However, please note that ALL parents should be listening to this podcast episode. As my guest says, during the interview; “If you are a parent of any child, learning about the LGBTQ community, learning how to make your home one that is loving and welcoming to people of all sexualities and all gender identities, making your conversations inclusive is so powerful because you never know how your child is identifying and you never know who is in your child’s life who might be going through things…This is a message, this is a podcast, this is a conversation for all parents- not just the one who think their child might be gay or who are gay.”