Leadership Bootcamp: Launch Your Leadership Skills

In this powerful, effective training program, Dr. Robyn provides powerful yet easy-to-implement leadership strategies that allow participants to emerge as leaders among their peers, colleagues, or workmates.  Through role-playing, self-assessment tests and other leadership training scenarios, participants will determine their own effective leadership style and how their role can lead to success.

Participants will discover specific ways to:

  • Understand what a leader is and is not.
  • Look and communicate like a leader.
  • Recognize strengths and the strengths in others.
  • Create their future in advance through goal-setting and visioning.
  • Identify obstacles to success from procrastination to perfectionism.
  • Deal with both real and perceived politics that may be getting in the way.
  • “Forward” themselves and others who they lead into action with powerful coaching tools from “clearing” to perspective-taking, brainstorming and “character connecting.”
  • Motivate and inspire others to take action without micro-managing and prodding.
  • Rewire the negative tape that may be running through their own brain or the brains of their employees.
  • Develop key relationships that move them forward while being a mentor for others.
  • Stay accountable for themselves and become a powerful example to others.

Often named “a transformational training,” participants come away with an action plan that they can put into effect immediately so that they can make a success of any partnership, group, team, or personal goal.  Whether geared towards junior management or top level executives, those who attend this program will be able to apply these leadership skills in every area of their lives.  Ideal for team building, group cohesion and leadership training, it can also be used in a “train the trainer” format.

Assertiveness Training for Women in the Lead

Women, especially those who desire to take on leadership roles, walk a fine line when it comes to assertiveness.  They don’t want to come across too meek or too pushy.  They want to portray an air of confidence while commanding respect.  Assertiveness skills for women in the lead can help you get your point across, inspire people to take necessary action and help you command respect at work…and in life.

Participants will discover specific ways to:

  • Recognize their strengths and their barriers to successful communication.
  • Cope with conflicts between women.
  • Practice and apply assertiveness skills in challenging circumstances.
  • Pinpoint communication pitfalls (verbal and nonverbal) that give away their assertive edge.
  • Use active listening skills that send the right signals.
  • Develop and action plan that utilizes assertiveness techniques.
  • Say no and survive to tell the story.
  • Overcome obstacles that interfere with work/life balance.
  • Negotiate and delegate with confidence and respect
  • Stay accountable for applying assertiveness skills in everyday life.

This training is for any aspiring or current woman-leader who feels she has something to say but doesn’t always feel like she know how to say it in a way that will be heard in the way she intended.  No longer riding the line between meek and pushy, for the participant of this training leaves walking the line toward success.