Speaking - Dr Robyn Silverman

It was phenomenal!!!!  Dr. Robyn did a great job and we touched the lives (and changed the lives) for many young women! It was a very rewarding experience and we will definitely work with Dr. Robyn again for our McLean event and our Houston event.”

Capital One Financial Corp

Dr. Robyn Silverman spent a day at West Essex, first speaking to seventh and eighth graders inspiring them to support each other, recognize their talents and inspire others during two assemblies. In the evening, Dr. Silverman addressed parents, discussing “Raising Strong, Positive Leaders: How Parents Can Empower Their Children & Themselves.”

Dr. Robyn was amazing! Before the workshop officially started, she walked around and warmly welcomed each woman by shaking her hand and saying hello. I loved this…Dr. Robyn’s mix of personal anecdotes, eye-opening statistics, and disturbing images make the seminar funny, warm, emotional, and touching… Attending Dr. Robyn’s seminar empowered me to want to do even more. She empowered us to be the change we want for our girls, and instead of just leaving it at that, she gave us realistic steps we can take to counteract the negative and confusing messages presented to our girls on a daily basis. And I wasn’t the only one who was impressed. Our participants LOVED Dr. Robyn! They lined up in droves to buy her book, Good Girls Don’t Get Fat, have her sign it, and speak with her about their thoughts, opinions, and gratitude…I am working to collaborate with Dr. Robyn in the future!

Girl Scouts “Power of Popular” Conference, Rutgers University

Wow!  What a great day for LBMC staff. It was so refreshing to have such a dynamic presentation that clearly made an impact on so many of our staff. I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom, real answers, and especially the personal touch. Everyone at Bryn Mawr was impacted by what you had to say. I look forward to much more!

~Jane Kagan, Owner, Lake Bryn Mawr Camp

A Sampling of Some of the Amazing Audiences Dr. Robyn has spoken for…

  • Capital One Financial Corp, MacLean Campus
  • Capital One Financial Corp, Wilmington Campus
  • Gen-Austin- Girls Empowerment Network, Keynote
  • Goryeb Children’s Hospital
  • Girls Scouts 100th Anniversary Conference
  • Bloomsberg University
  • Jewish Family Service/Jewish Women’s Foundation of San Diego
  • Annual Prevention Conference, Essex County District Attorney, Mass.
  • American Camp Association Tri-State Conference
  • Search Institute
  • Pace University
  • Martial Arts Industry Association Supershow, Las Vegas
  • Randolph Township School District, Keynote, Mandatory In service day
  • Jewish Women’s Foundation of Metrowest
  • Jefferson Lake Camp
  • Lake Bryn Mawr Camp
  • Tamarack Day Camp
  • United States Gymnastics Association Regional Conference
  • USA Gymnastics National Congress
  • US Swim School Association’s International Convention
  • Dove / Moms 2.0
  • US All-Star Federation
  • St. Boniface Catholic School
  • Trinity Catholic Junior High School
  • Rodeph Day School in NYC
  • Girl Scouts of Northern NJ, Power of Popular Conference,
  • Rutgers University Campus Outreach Services
  • Amazing Women’s Day
  • B.I.G. (Believe, Inspire, Grow)
  • The Body Image Revolution
  • Girl Scouts Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas, Women of Impact
  • West Essex (NJ) School District

It was a pleasure to host Dr. Robyn Silverman in San Diego for our Empowering Girls Beyond Body Image event on June 6, 2013. Dr. Silverman was knowledgeable, accessible and highly skilled at engaging our audience. From the moment her presentation began, the teens in attendance were excited and eager to participate.

Dr. Silverman successfully fielded tough questions from youth, parents and community members. Further, she effectively handled an audience that was diverse in age, religious identification and social economic class. As an agency, we appreciated that Dr. Silverman carefully planned her talk with JFS to be sure it catered specifically to our audience. In addition, she was also extremely flexible and willing to participate in media requests with limited notice. On the day of the event, Dr. Silverman graciously agreed to partake in a live interview on the San Diego Living Channel and a dinner with underwriters immediately prior to her talk. JFS really valued her commitment to the success of our event.

The youth who attended the Empowering Girls clearly fell in love with Dr. Silverman. They  lined up after the event anxious to have individual time with her. Dr. Silverman spent over  an hour and a half after her talk speaking with each person who wanted an autograph or a question answered. We were pleased and impressed with the care and compassion that  Dr. Silverman showed each member of our audience…We would highly recommend Dr. Silverman for any teen or parenting event.

— Jessica Nare  – Jewish Family Services Supervisor, Youth

5 Reasons Conference and Meeting Planners Love Booking Dr. Robyn Silverman

  • Your audience will be moved, inspired and motivated!

    Dr. Robyn’s mixture of performance, hands-on tips and coaching will empower your audience to identify their SPARK (Support, Passion, Action, Reason and Knowledge), remove barriers to success, and go after their dreams!

  • She’s a Nationally-Recognized Expert

    As a go-to expert for The Today Show, Good Morning America, the CBS Early Show, Nightline, The Tyra Show, LA Times, SELF Magazine, Parents Magazine, Aol.com, Galtime.com and KnowMoreTv.com, Dr. Robyn is known for her easy-to-implement tips, direct yet reassuring voice, and enthusiastic attitude.

  • Audience Members Feel She is Talking to Them

    Interweaving stories about many different types of people along with her own, Dr. Robyn gets personal. People say they don’t only think she is talking directly to them but also, about them. Audience members identify strongly with Dr. Robyn’s material and therefore remember it and repeat it for a long time to come.

  • She delivers and over-delivers

    Dr. Robyn customizes her talks to the particular event planner, venue and group she is speaking to so everyone gets exactly what they want.

  • She’s versatile

    Dr. Robyn speaks on a variety of topics from focus to leadership to character development and body image. Her experience with a wide group of ages makes her the go-to person for so many of your speaking needs year after year!

How to Hire Dr. Robyn

If you are interested in booking a speaking engagement or training session in your community, please contact Dr. Robyn’s speaker’s bureau, American Program Bureau, Inc., or call her speaking agent Michele Fee Smith directly at: 619-614-1606 OR 800.225.4575 Ext 1606 OR simply complete the following form.

Media Masquerade: 10 Ways Media Impacts Girls, Women, Body Esteem & Confidence

From the dolls girls play with to the ads they see and the shows they watch, media’s impact is far-reaching and all encompassing. Appealing to girls, young women, and anyone who works with girls and women, this illustrative and often shocking presentation is filled with in-your-face images and video that brings the problematic issues to the forefront. Dr. Robyn Silverman, the author of the body image book Good Girls Don’t Get Fat:

  • Shines light on the ten detrimental types of media messages, from sexualization to thinspiration, that plague girls and women every day.
  • Engages the audience in a back-and-forth conversation as she presents what is seen and what is implied by the images they see.
  • Provides tips and takeaways for all those who attend so that they can immediately make a change and make a difference.

It is not uncommon for people to be so moved by what they see that they call out from the audience in astonishment. Dr. Robyn wouldn’t have it any other way! This presentation can be customized in both length and format.

Creating a Community of Character: Cultivating Responsible, Respectful Role Models Among Our Young People

In this dynamic presentation on character and leadership, Dr. Robyn Silverman appeals to educators, parents, law enforcement, legislators, youth workers, and mentors as the foundational builders of this generation’s future leaders. Anchoring her solutions to her personal mantra, “We must regard young people as assets to be developed, not deficits to be managed,” she describes how we can create a community of character by cultivating role models in our young people. Specifically, she talks about how we can:

  • Recognize that all young people come with unique gifts and challenges that can help them thrive depending on how they are framed and regarded.
  • Understand what we bring to the table so that we can help the young people in our lives thrive in powerful, positive, and productive ways.
  • Collaborate with these young people, to envision, plan out and create a community of character that is safe, fair, and advantageous for everyone.

Tailored to your timeframe and needs, Dr. Robyn uses video, activities, stories, and audience participation to create an engaging exchange with the participants. Everyone leaves with specific hands-on strategies for creating respectful communities and responsible leaders.

Victim or Victorious? Combating Bullying from a Place of Strength

The impact of bullying is pervasive and great. In the soon-to-be-released companion book to the acclaimed documentary Bully, Dr. Robyn Silverman explains, “Bullying doesn’t just have legs – it has teeth. The memories hold on tightly even as we leave our childhood behind.” We all know that bullying is a complicated and pervasive problem. In this frank and story-filled presentation, Dr. Robyn explains:

  • The main issues that make bullying an even more complex problem in our communities.
  • The effective solutions that help to promote positive youth development in our young people.
  • How we can all be accountable for making positive change.

The layered answer to the bullying problem stems out of her interviews with “high-risk” youth – those who could easily have been “victims” who nevertheless were victorious in school. A girl, considered medically obese, who became senior class president and is thought to know everyone; a boy who is severely disabled and was still named as the most admired and popular boy in his class by his peers; a girl who came out as a lesbian who found people on whom she knew she could always lean. Participants leave with a more concrete understanding of the problem, a new way to look at the young people who make up their communities, and solutions that they can implement immediately.

Leadership Bootcamp: Launch Your Leadership Skills

In this powerful, effective program, which can be customized from a one-hour presentation to an all-day retreat, Dr. Robyn Silverman presents leadership skills in an accessible way. Drawing from her experiences as a success coach, she provides powerful yet easy-to-implement leadership strategies that allow participants to emerge as leaders among their peers, colleagues, or workmates. Participants will learn specific ways to:

  • Create their future in advance through goal-setting and visioning.
  • Identify obstacles to success from procrastination to perfectionism.
  • “Forward” themselves and others who they lead into action.
  • Stay accountable for themselves and become a powerful example to others.

Often named “the highlight of any conference,” participants come away with an action plan that they can put into effect immediately so that they can make a success of any partnership, group, team, or personal goal. Whether geared towards teens in and out of school or adults in the workplace, those who attend this program will be able to apply these leadership skills in every area of their lives. Ideal for team building, group cohesion, and leadership training, it can also be used in a “train the trainers” format.

Mentoring Women & Girls: Striving, Thriving & Breaking Down Barriers

Whether you are looking to create powerful women in the workplace or strong girls in and out of school, mentors can make a real difference. However, mentoring women and girls takes a unique understanding of the challenges they face in today’s society as well as the right skills to help them thrive. During this visual and skill-filled presentation participants will discover how to:

  • Shine light on societal and self-placed barriers that get in the way of individual success.
  • Refocus relationships among women to relieve or redefine the 3 dreaded Cs: Competition, Cattiness, and Comparison (instead of collaboration, caring, and connection).
  • Provide specific skills to help girls and women state their vision, their goal, their action plan, and their accountability partnership.

Mentoring girls and women continually shows a great return in productivity, performance, confidence, and positive action. This presentation can be tailored to your needs in terms of time, focus, age range, and number of hands-on activities.

Dr. Robyn Silverman, a child/teen development specialist, body image/body bullying expert, sought-after speaker, and award-winning writer, is known for her no-nonsense yet positive approach to helping young people and their families thrive. Her groundbreaking research at Tufts University on young women is the foundation for her new book, Good Girls Don’t Get Fat: How Weight Obsession Is Messing Up Our Girls & How We Can Help Them Thrive Despite It.

As a way to interact with girls personally, Dr. Silverman created The Sassy Sisterhood Girls Circle, a program for young adolescent girls that explores issues that affect body esteem and self-image. It was designed to foster self-awareness, challenge stereotypes, counter trends toward self-doubt, and enable genuine self-expression through verbal sharing and creative activity.

An award-winning columnist, Dr. Silverman keeps in touch with parents, educators, and fans through Twitter (/DrRobyn) and Facebook (/DrRobynSilverman) as well as through her blog which appears on DrRobynSilverman.com. She provides popular teleseminars for parents, including a Spring 2010 collaborative project with best-selling author Rachel Simmons (Odd Girl Out, Curse of the Good Girl), during which over 500 parents participated. She is one of the featured experts for Campus Outreach Services 2012 and in Bully: An Action Plan for Teachers, Parents, and Communities to Combat the Bullying Crisis, a companion book to the acclaimed documentary Bully.

Dr. Silverman presents nationally at schools, universities, businesses, and organizations. She advises teens, parents, educators, and professionals on how to best help our youth reach their potential and become leaders. Her overall philosophy is that young people are assets to be developed rather than deficits to be managed. At the root of Dr. Silverman’s research, speaking, and writing is a profound compassion for young people and a determination to help them reach their potential, independent of societal constraints. “I don’t look at children and teens and figure out how to fix them,” she says. “I want to motivate every young person to find his/her strengths and thrive.”