The Powerful Words Character Development System -

The Powerful Words Character Development System

What is Powerful Words?

LOGO-PowerfulWordsPowerful Words Character Development is a system of personal development designed specifically for the after school activity world (Martial Arts academies, Dance studios, Cheer gyms, Swim schools, After-School centers, etc.) by Dr. Robyn Silverman.

The program was initially created for use in the martial arts academy that she owned with her husband Jason, Dr. Robyn invested well over 6 years in research, development and most importantly trial and error.  With the goal of developing a world class personal development experience for all of the students in addition to a phenomenal physical education, Dr. Robyn broke the mold that had been previously used in earlier character education programs.

In 2006, Powerful Words Character Development was made available to the martial arts industry and has steadily grown in popularity as well as effectiveness in helping top level programs to go above and beyond in delivering an exceptional education to their students and their families.

Currently used in over 500 centers around the world, Powerful Words is the #1 leading Personal Development System for the after school activity industry.

Powerful Words is simply the best!”

Benefits of training at a Powerful Words Personal Development Center

Schools / Centers / Gyms / Studios and Academies that integrate The Powerful Words Character Development System lessons on respect, self control, responsibility, confidence, sportsmanship and other character based concepts help children strive to become their very best at home, at school, and out in the community.

As a Child Development Specialist, Dr. Robyn works with your school to provide exactly what your family deserves when it comes to character education for every age group. The teachers, coaches, and instructors at your school have made a promise to you to provide 2 programs in one; a top notch physical curriculum as well as the very best character lessons that they can provide.  Powerful Words Character Development allows them to do just that.

Added Value you’ll enjoy when your child is training at a Powerful Words Personal Development Center include:

  • The Parents Perch Letter

    This letter will provide you with valuable information about the Powerful Word of the Month; what the instructors will be teaching each week to support your child’s understanding of the concept, and some background on the importance of that character trait in the lives of your children and your family.

  • Dear Dr. Robyn Column

    This column provides monthly tips related to the Powerful Word of the month. Dr. Robyn answers questions from parents just like you about how to instill concepts like gratitude, self discipline, confidence, and respect in children of all ages. If you’d like to ask a question that may be featured in the “Dear Dr. Robyn” column, check out the Ask Dr. Robyn Page right now.

  • Monthly Powerful Projects

    These projects help young children, school-age children, and teens/adults to understand how the Powerful Word of the Month applies to their lives. All projects are age-appropriate. Some families have commented that they use the Powerful projects for “bonding time.” When children and teens discuss the components of the projects with their parents, the information can open up conversations about how the word can better be integrated into each member of the family’s life.

  • Power Chats

    Your instructors, coaches, and teachers will spend time each month discussing the Powerful Word of the month with your children. Again, all lessons are age-appropriate so that every child can participate, understand, and feel appropriately challenged. Schools that implement Powerful Words do not employ a one-size-fits-all philosophy! These PowerChats are also interactive. The children will be involved in the conversations and will be encouraged to ask questions and comment. We believe that this is a better way to learn than to just sit there and listen to the teacher talk! When children are engaged, they are more likely to retain and use the information discussed.

  • Powerful Challenge

    Each month, your child’s teachers/coaches/instructors will invite him/her to take on a Powerful Challenge! It can be anything that shows that your children have integrated the Powerful Word of the Month into their lives. For example, a child might choose to collect aluminum cans for citizenship month or learn to tie her shoes for self reliance month. This is a great way to partner with your school and with Powerful Words to help your child become the best s/he can be!

How to locate a Powerful Words Personal Development Center

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