How to Talk to Kids about Antibias and Antiracist Practices with Liz Kleinrock

This podcast episode provides important lessons antibias and antiracist practices as well as how to address some uncomfortable conversations with kids, in the moment, when biased things are said.

How to Talk to Middle Schoolers about What Matters Most with Phyllis Fagell, LCPC – ReRelease

This podcast will focus on the key skills kids need to thrive in middle school and beyond as well as how parents and educators can help. In this interview with school counselor and psychotherapist, Phyllis Fagell, LCPC, author of Middle School Matters, we discuss how to talk to middle schoolers when so much is changing in their lives- physical, social, emotional—and when they are riding the line between needing their parents and wanting to individuate. How do we stay connected but also step back and allow them to shine? How do we shift our role to manager to coach? And how do we encourage our children to take risks in this low-stakes period of life when everything seems big, scary and consequential? Dr. Robyn Silverman and Phyliis Fagell discuss all that relates to middle school matters.

How to Talk to Kids about Death & Dying with Joe Primo – ReRelease

Having a conversation about death and dying is not typically a conversation people are excited to have with their kids. And yet, we all know it’s necessary. A friend of mine came over to me at a party the other day. She had just found out that her mother-in-law had stage 4 cancer. While dealing with her own whirlwind of emotions, knowing that I provide tips and scripts to have these tough conversations with kids, she asked me; “What do I tell the kids? What if they ask me if she’ll die? What do I say when she does?” The concept of dying can be scary, sad, confusing, angering and upsetting for many of us. Our own emotions, our concern about our children’s emotions- how they are going to take the news- how they are going to cope with life when someone they love dies- how might they grieve—what’s normal- these can make us worry about having the conversations in the first place. Not to mention, our confusion over what to say and how to say it can make this topic on how to talk to kids about death and dying- a real tough one.

How to Talk to Girls about Anxiety, Depression, and Social Media with Donna Nakazawa

This podcast episode provides an in-depth look at the lives of adolescent girls and their mental health.

How to Talk to Kids about Childhood Illness with Dr. Jen Pratt

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How to Talk to Kids about Trauma Recovery with Dr. Thema Bryant

This podcast will focus on trauma recovery so that our children can find their homes and focus on hope and healing. Whether it’s bullying, racism, sexism or some other kind of oppression, trauma is real and we need to help kids to process the feelings that go along with it and take action.

How to Talk to Kids about Useful Social Skills for Life with Catherine Newman

Middle School is a time of incredible growth—kids change a great deal while learning and practicing vital social skills that they will use throughout their lives—how to get along with others, talk about tough topics, compromise, still to your values, be an ally, show up as a good friend and so much more. How do we help open up these topics to kids so that they know what to say when they find themselves in sticky situations? For that, we turn to Catherine Newman.

How to Talk to Kids about the Power of Different with Dr. Gail Saltz – ReRelease

This podcast will focus on mental disorders and diagnoses stem from a difference in wiring in the brain—and that these differences, while providing some challenges also often come with amazing gifts!

How to Talk to Kids about Self Esteem, Gender Identity & Being Yourself with Jeffrey Marsh

This podcast will focus on the collision between self-esteem and gender identity- especially for children who don’t have the support they need to truly embrace who they are. For kids who identity as LGBTQ, they don’t need a “perfect” parent who knows exactly what to say, but rather, one who will ask the questions, stay curious, and above-all-else, be a supportive advocate for their child. Dr. Robyn Silverman interviews nonbinary author, activist and social media star, Jeffrey Marsh.

How to Talk to Kids about Emotions, Boundaries, Transitions & Conflict with Alyssa Blask Campbell

This podcast will focus on how to help little kids navigate big emotions in specific common situations. Alyssa Blask Campbell of Seed and Sew will help us understand what to do and say to help our kids (and ourselves) through those frustrating situations so we don’t get derailed and get to the other side!