Thank you! We Just Broke 100,000 downloads and I’m So Grateful!

Hello Sweet friends!

Wow. I am beyond humbled and excited to share with you the exciting news! With the last two podcast episodes, we plowed through 100,000 downloads of my parenting podcast, How to Talk to Kids about Anything! ?

When I first started the podcast about 16 months ago, I had interviewed some of my trusted friends and colleagues to get things underway. They believed in my desire to not only provide parents and educators with tips and strategies to help all kids thrive but also to provide them with the scripts of EXACTLY what to say when challenging, uncomfortable or sensitive topics were broached.

After 68 podcast episodes so far, we’ve covered subject matter from how to talk about death, divorce, ADHD, tantrums, technology and anxiety to how to talk about sex, porn, failure, bullying, neurodiversity, (this week’s on challenging behavior with best-selling author, Dr. Ross Greene!) and so much more. I have taken copious notes, had my mind blown, and even squirmed in my seat along side of you as we learned from the best– top experts and best-selling authors who knew their stuff cold. It’s been one master class after the other and I feel privileged to be learning, growing and expanding my mind along side of all of you. I feel truly honored to be the host of How to Talk to Kids about Anything.

And as I write my book, based on all these amazing lessons I am gathering from this podcast, I hope you’ll continue to share with me what tips and scripts you are using in your families that you’ve learned here. We are all part of the same tribe. And I hope you’ll remember, even on the days we fall short, you are 10X the parent (and teacher!) you think you are. Parenting is the ultimate do-over and you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

So, sweet friends, here’s to the next 100,000! May it continue to make us better, stronger and more open parents and educators. I’m right there with you. I hope you’ll celebrate with me! ❤️?? And if you love this podcast like I do– would you kindly rate and review it– it means so much!

Let’s continue expanding our minds together– it’s a win for our entire parenting community and of course, to our kids.

Love to all.

Dr. Robyn