How to Talk to Kids about Sexual Harassment with Lara Kaufmann & Dr. Christia Spears Brown – ReRelease

This podcast will focus on how parents, teachers, and coaches of children K-12 can start talking more openly about sexual harassment and sexual violence. In order for this kind of behavior to stop, everyone much address the norms and stereotypes that fuel it, so all young people can grow up safe, respected, and valued.

How to Talk to Kids About Becoming Individuals Without Interference with Julie Lythcott-Haims

When I asked my next guest to come back on the show and I wanted to know what she’d like to discuss this time because she has such interesting perspective and a way with words—and she said, she’d like to talk about how “kids don’t thrive when they’re raised like dogs on a leash who have to go a certain way to please their owner (parent).” You see my next guest did this amazing, extremely popular Ted Talk in 2016 entitled “How to Raise Successful Kids- without Over-Parenting” which has just about 7, 500, 000 views now. And in it she talks about how mapping out our children’s every move, check-listing their childhood so that they get into the right colleges and get the right jobs doesn’t actually make a successful, fulfilled person unless success is only moving up a preconceived and narrow ladder that may not actually feel like success for your child. How can we, as parents, drop the rope—or the leash—that is keeping our children from their passions, from their individuality, from their destiny—and how can we talk to our children about embracing who they are, learning who they want to be and willingly taking the steps to forge their own path? For that, we are turning to Julie Lythcott-Haims.

How to Answer Kids’ Toughest Questions about Sex with Logan Levkoff, PhD ReRelease

This podcast focuses on answering some of kids’ toughest questions about sex and changing bodies. From puberty to erections, masturbation and what sex is, we’re going in! Dr. Robyn Silverman interviews sexuality educator and author, Dr. Logan Levkoff on the latest episode of How to Talk to Kids about Anything.

How to Talk to Kids about Beating the Odds, Acceptance & True Self Worth with Peter Mutabazi

What is to come for a child who is told he is garbage? Worthless? Beaten to the ground? I have often said that children who have the love, kindness and acceptance of an adult—or several adults—can be the difference. As you might remember me saying, Search Institute found that many young people don’t feel that they have at least 3 key adults to turn to in a time of need and challenge. Our next guest had a very hard start to his life—abused by his father and watching his mother and siblings meet that same fate. He survived the streets of Kampala Uganda and, due to the potential that someone saw in him- wound up going to school and altering his life for the better in every possible way. My next guest will help us to understand how to talk to kids about acceptance and true self-worth. He has a remarkable story.

How to Talk to Kids about Being Self-Driven, Self-Motivated & Self-Controlled with Dr. William Stixrud – ReRelease

This podcast will focus on the science and sense of giving your kids more control over their lives. What can we do and say to help show our kids that we believe in them, trust them and feel confident about them making key decisions in their lives about what they need and want for themselves. When we take over, we weaken them and say “don’t trust yourself- trust me instead.” When we externally motivate and incentivize, we don’t allow them to look within themselves and find what intrinsically motivates them. If we want our children to be “self-driven,” we need to allow them to make decisions, make mistakes, learn from them and apply their new knowledge to the next set of decisions. In an interview with Dr. William Stixrud, best-selling co-author of The Self-Driven Child, we learn that this sense of control, while feeling supported by key adults, will benefit our children in all areas of their lives.