How do we talk to kids about Health Challenges & Medical Diagnoses with Kelly Fradin

Many of us have been there. We walk out of an appointment with our child’s doctor or teacher and we feel concerned—and a whole host of other feelings from fear to anger to sadness, confusion and of course, love. We all hope that our children are healthy and cruise through life fairly unscathed- so when reality hits and we hear that our child has common challenges like ADHD or learning disabilities or more severe challenges like feeding issues, asthma, food allergies, anxiety or depression, we can become alarmed. As we may flip into roles beyond the typical parenting caregiver to medical scheduler, diagnosis researcher, health advocate and more- we may find that money, time, access and a feeling of calm is in short supply. What can we do to cope with and talk with our kids about challenging medical diagnoses and how to proceed through life with one? For this, we turn to Dr. Kelly Fradin.

How to Talk to Kids about Equity, Racism and Social Justice with Jason B. Allen – Rerelease

This podcast focuses on the conversations that need to occur around racism, inequities and social justice in a world where black and brown boys are routinely marginalized, mistreated and made to feel inferior. How can advocates, educators, parents and activists become mentors and guides for black and brown boys? How can we empower our young people to speak out and create change? How can we change the stereotypes of this group of young people by highlighting the good, changing our expectations and altering the old systems that no longer serve? Dr. Robyn Silverman speaks with educator, Jason B. Allen, about how we can make a difference.

How to Raise Good Humans with Dr. Aliza Pressman

How do we raise good humans? Parents need to know their North Star, have some good tools and be ready to parent for the long haul. Dr. Robyn Silverman interviews Dr. Aliza Pressman on the How to Talk to Kids about Anything podcast.

How to Talk to Kids about Money Values, Spending & Giving with Chelsea Brennan – ReRelease

This podcast focuses on teaching kids and talking to kids about money values and money mindset. How do we help kids to understand how to save, spend and give? What money stories and money beliefs are we passing forward and what do we want them to learn or relearn? And how do we leave a money legacy that sets them up for success? Dr. Robyn Silverman speaks with Chelsea Brennan during this money episode of How to Talk to Kids about Anything.