How to Talk to Kids about Trauma Recovery with Dr. Thema Bryant

This podcast will focus on trauma recovery so that our children can find their homes and focus on hope and healing. Whether it’s bullying, racism, sexism or some other kind of oppression, trauma is real and we need to help kids to process the feelings that go along with it and take action.

How to Talk to Kids about Useful Social Skills for Life with Catherine Newman

Middle School is a time of incredible growth—kids change a great deal while learning and practicing vital social skills that they will use throughout their lives—how to get along with others, talk about tough topics, compromise, still to your values, be an ally, show up as a good friend and so much more. How do we help open up these topics to kids so that they know what to say when they find themselves in sticky situations? For that, we turn to Catherine Newman.

How to Talk to Kids about the Power of Different with Dr. Gail Saltz – ReRelease

This podcast will focus on mental disorders and diagnoses stem from a difference in wiring in the brain—and that these differences, while providing some challenges also often come with amazing gifts!