How to Talk to Kids About Screen-Time and Digital Footprint with Dr. Susan Bartell – ReRelease

The podcast provides tips and scripts around screen-time and digital footprint. How much screen-time should kids be allowed to use? How can we help to monitor screen-time and what do we need to discuss with children around posting online? Dr. Susan Bartell discusses social media rules and how to talk to kids about screen-time and digital footprint on this week’s podcast episode.

How to Talk to Kids about Money Skills with Chad Willardson

This podcast will focus on how to talk to kids about the financial skills they need to manage money throughout their lifetime. From saving, spending wisely, giving and investing, this podcast gives you the talking points! Dr. Robyn Silverman interviews financial advisor and best-selling author of Stress-Free Money and Smart, Not Spoiled, Chad Willardson.