Key tips I provide for parents when they ask me how to talk to kids about sex:

(1) Talk early and often: It’s never “THE talk” or “one talk” but a series of big and little ones that you have over time starting when they are very little.
(2) Use the actual words: Just like we call an “arm” and “arm” and not a “Little llama,” refer to a penis as a penis and a vagina as a vagina. There is nothing wrong with these words and we don’t want to send the message that there is!
(3) Be the trusted source. (4) Be ready! This conversation doesn’t happen when you schedule it (what conversation does?). If they’re asking; be ready to tell.
(5) Don’t shame body exploration: Totally normal, folks! The body is amazing! Our kids need to know their bodies.
(6) Be age-appropriate and follow the child’s lead
Dr. Robyn Silverman discusses how to talk to kids about sex.