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How to Raise Empowered Athletes and Resilient Kids with Kirsten Jones

You’ve probably noticed it—whether or not your child is an athlete. You’ve heard the stories. Athletes burning the candle at both ends, playing multiple sports at high levels, trying to balance school and sports for hours each day while sacrificing sleep, eating well, and blowing off stress in productive ways. Parents, with their hearts in the right places, pushing their kids to edge up—work harder, get in front of the right people, get more practice, get the right positions, get more playing time—only to burn their children out, blow their bodies out, obliterate their interest in the very activities they once loved. But how could they now try? Their kid is so talented- they seem to adore it—it’s not work, it’s fun…until it’s not. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Let’s discuss it today with Kirsten Jones.

How to Talk to Kids about Thriving in an Uncertain World with Michele Borba, Ed.D

Are you finding that kids these days are “running on empty?” While there is no lack of high-achieving kids that are arguably more accomplished, better educated, and more privileged than ever before, they also seem to be more stressed, unhappier, and struggling. We have heard in numerous podcast episodes with top experts that kids are suffering from anxiety, depression, and burnout at younger and younger ages. My next guest says that thrivers are different though: they flourish in our fast-paced, digital-driven, often uncertain world. Why? It turns out that they’ve aced the traits that set them on a happy, healthy, high performing path–confidence, empathy, self-control, integrity, curiosity, perseverance, and optimism. These traits will allow kids to roll with the punches and succeed in life. How? For that we will turn to my friend and colleague, Dr. Michele Borba.

How to Impact Brain Development to Help Kids Thrive with Rebecca Jackson

The very thought of what’s going on in our child’s brain probably baffles most of us. I mean, how many times might we contemplate why our, why our child acts the way that they do, or what made them meltdown in the grocery store, or flare up at their sister, freak out when they need to write a book report, bring food in their room, get up from the table and just leave their dish right there. I mean, wait a second. I might’ve just morphed into talking about my own kids there. Our children’s brains and development are complex, but my next guest is going to simplify, simplify things for us so that we can help them get back on track. After losing so much ground during the pandemic, we can make some simple changes and add some easy activities that can help our children thrive.

How to Calm the Chaos in Dysregulated Kids So They Can Thrive with Dayna Abraham

We’ve all heard the labels. Strong-willed, spirited, explosive, and highly sensitive. As parents of kids who have been marked as “difficult” we need an alternative road map to guide us where conventional parenting tools have failed. We need a way to calm the chaos. My next guest explains that there are five steps to calming the chaos, each step bringing us closer to family success even as emotions run high so that we can build a safe haven in our homes that support healthy kids.

How to Raise a Kid Who Can with Catherine McCarthy, MD, Heather Tedesco, PhD, and Jennifer Weaver, LCSW

The world today can feel overwhelming- complicated, overloaded, moving at the warp speed! What do kids need to thrive—so that they catch their breath before facing the next hurdle, cope gracefully with the ups and downs of life and bend not break? My next guests provide 10 essential, actionable strategies that we can use to raise kids who can. Who can roll with punches, connect, deal with frustration, bounce back and ultimately thrive. For this, we will be talking to my new friends, Catherine, Heather and Jennifer.

How to Talk to Kids about Living Boldly and Creating the Life they Want with Nicole Walters

We live at a time when many parents, out of love, do so much for their kids—so much so that kids are not learning the skills they need in order to thrive. This is one of the reasons why I created one of my free bonuses for the How to Talk to Kids about Anything book launch—118 Skills to Teach Kids by Age 18—a checklist of 118 skills that allows you to ensure your children are ready to thrive on their own by the time they leave your home. You can access that bonus list and several more at DrRobynSilverman.com, under the tab “book.” Now—what about when you are NOT raised in a home where your parents are doing a lot for their kids—maybe because they can’t, maybe because they won’t, maybe their life situation dictates that the children need to be independent to survive. Yes, what is you are raised in a home where you wonder if you’ll have food on the table and anger and shame are the norm? How can we learn to show up for ourselves, strategize ways to succeed, hustle, learn and become? And then, how, as a parent, can we instill these lessons so they can live boldly- no matter where they started in life? I think we can all learn something from my next guest who created the life she wanted by discovering the strength she needed was within her all along.

Flipping the Script! Dr. Robyn Silverman gets interviewed about How to Talk to Kids about Anything by Dr. Robert Melillo

I’m so excited today for this special podcast where Dr. Robert Melillo is interviewing me on my new book, How to Talk to Kids about Anything! It’s out now wherever books are sold and I hope you have yours—it’s currently #1 on Amazon in the School-Age Children Parenting Category—and that’s because of all of you. Thank you for your support- and please review it- those 5-Star reviews make a huge difference in the algorithm. So TODAY- I want to introduce Clinician, brain researcher, and Best-selling author, Dr. Melillo is one of the most respected specialists in childhood neurological disorders in American and has been helping children with learning disabilities, autism, ADHD, OCD, dyslexia and more for over 30 years. He’s the author of Disconnected Kids- and we interviewed him here on that very book, along with several others including Reconnected kids- and there’s even a TV show based on that one. We’re flipping the script again so here is my guest interviewer for How to Talk to Kids about Anything, so take it away, Dr. Robert Melillo!

Flipping the Script! Dr. Robyn Silverman gets interviewed about How to Talk to Kids about Anything by Jason Silverman

We have a lot of TOUGH talks on this podcast. We’ve talked about sex, porn, suicide, bullying, neurodiversity, failure, death and so much more. It was always my aim to present you with the entire child development pie and invite amazing guests on the show, bestselling authors and top experts, who could dig deep, providing you with the deep slices of that pie so that you can have these conversations with your children and teens—and that they will come to us when they need someone to talk to as well. One thing I know for sure is that if we want our kids to talk to us about anything, we have to be willing to talk to our kids about everything.

Today’s guest in the hot seat is ME! Ha! Since my book comes out today, October 10th, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with all of you. You’ve been part of my village and my community since 2017—we have been through a lot—and talked about some very intimate things—I will ask now, as I’ve never asked before, would you please go to wherever you get your books—Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Target, your local Indy Book store and order How to Talk to Kids about Anything right now. It’s been 6 years of work—interviews, researching, this podcast which I have never charged for- writing and editing– and I know you will find it worth it and love it—and once you order it and receive the book, please give those 5 star reviews because that will get more people to know about it, buy it, use it, and make a difference with their kids. Would you do that now please? Thank you in advance!

And now for my amazing moderator for today, none other than, my husband, whose been through it all with me. So I hope the Dads will give a good listen to what he has to say, he’s been through it all with me. The good, the bad, the ugly and the utterly hilarious. Jason Silverman and I have been married for almost 25 years- he’s a brilliant marketer, the founder, Chief Executive Officer and president of Silverman Consulting and Systems Success Mastermind, he’s a business development coach, my partner in Powerful Words Character System, and my partner in life—so welcome to the How to Talk to Kids about Anything podcast, and now, I’ll flip to guest mode!