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Powerful Words Character Development introduces and reinforces a new "Powerful Word" each month. Through a simple lesson plan and multiple opportunities for reinforcement, a new character building trait is introduced and practiced in school and at home over the next four weeks.
As Promised, here is a sample Powerful Words "PowerChat"
The complete Powerful Words Character Development system includes:
  1. Bulletin Board Files - 1 Comprehensive File to be printed that will allow teachers to create their own "personal development center" within the classroom.
  2. Parents Perch - Monthly parent communication that details the Powerful Word being taught that month.
  3. Dear. Dr. Robyn - Monthly parent education column that provides some helpful tips to solidifying the monthly character concept at home.
  4. Powerful Challenge - A tool to help teachers host their own monthly "Character Challenge"
  5. Power Chats - 2 fully scripted lesson plans per week that can be easily taught in 3-5 minutes each.
  6. Powerful Project - A Character worksheet that the students can complete in class or at home that supports the Powerful Words lessons being taught.
  7. Powerful Family - An editable newsletter that can be sent home to parents (either printed or via pdf) to stay in touch and let them know about what's being taught regarding character / social emotional learning.
  8. The Powerful Words Quickee - A short audio from Dr. Robyn detailing the current Powerful Word for teachers / administrators.
  9. The Power Chat Sample - A short audio from Dr. Robyn running a role play of one of the Power Chats for the teachers to be able to model.
  10. Powerful Press Release - An editable press release designed to inform the local community about the character concepts being taught at your school.
  11. and more...
We'd be happy to share an entire package with you to illustrate all of the tools we provide to help you transform lives.
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