Lorde of the Tweets: Lorde tells fans it’s ok to have flaws

On Good Morning America this morning, we talked about Grammy-winner, Lorde and her most recent viral tweet that showed two photos.  One photo showed Lorde with flawless skin, photoshopped to perfection.  The other photo showed Lorde completely natural, skin imperfections and all.


Why is this significant? Lorde is a superstar with millions of fans.  And in a society that often makes you feel like you’re not good enough as you are and that celebrities just walk around like the picture of perfection, Lorde’s voice is refreshing. She all at once tells us that we all have flaws, she’s not perfect and that we are all OK just as we are.

Is her message for girls or can it apply to boys as well? We know the pressure that girls are under to look a certain way. Lorde is a great role model for girls because she embraces her flaws. But I think this is something everyone needs to hear in a society that often makes you feel that you need to be photoshopped before you walk out in public.

What can moms do for girls who might be self conscious? I was presenting on the power of media messaging just last night and here are some the tips I provided. (1) Use current events such as this Lorde tweet to provide a springboard for conversation with your teen—ask questions, listen and provide your take on all of it.  (2) Make sure your kids are media literate.  Show them how the media uses photoshop to make people look perfect when they’re not.  (3) Focus on what a body does, not how it looks. Say things like; “I love that my body allows me to do t he yoga I love” and  “I admire your strong legs and how you kicked some major butt on the soccer field today.”

Does it make a difference? This one tweet is a start but we need more positive messages from important people telling our kids they are OK just as they are.  But we don’t have to wait for them.  Parents, teachers and coaches are the people closest to the children—if we all speak up, even though it often seems that the kids aren’t listening to us, I truly believe it does make a difference.

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