How to Talk to Kids About the Capitol Building Attack


  • Turn off the constant news cycle or at least be aware of when it’s on and where you are getting your information.
  • If your children have seen it, talk about it- children filter their understanding through you.
  • If they are getting their news from other places, make sure you know where. Use The News Bias Chart to see where your favorite news sources fall.
  • If your children ask questions, answer them with the facts. If you don’t know the answer- don’t suppose, look it up. You can always get back to them.
  • Allow them to answer questions too- this is where critical thinking and values get developed. For example; what would you have done? What would you do in a [similar situation that applies to their life]?
  • Let them know they are safe. Knowing that people had the power to break into our government’s “house” can be very unsettling to adults- let alone children. Point out on a map where it happened, let them know that the adults are handling it and this is not something that typically happens. This is very rare.
  • Admit it if you are sad or angry or upset- but talk it out with a friend or spouse rather than with your children if you really need to do a deep dive and get some comfort or let off some steam. I’m having lunch with a friend today for that very reason.
  • Get some sleep. Get some rest. Take care of you!