How to Talk to Kids About Being Brave

This podcast will focus on the importance of being brave. We need courage when we venture out of our “comfort zone.” For many, courage is necessary when meeting new people or trying new activities. Some kids need courage when trying new foods, spending time away from home for the first time or speaking up when they disagree or see something unfair. Courage helps us to face our fears and “stretch us” so that we can experience more of life. How can we teach our kids to take healthy risks and how can we help them to lead a brave life? This podcast episode shows us how.

Special Guest: Margie Warrell

This podcast provides:

Tips: Specific tips on what to do to help our children take healthy risks and lead a brave life.

Scripts: What to say (and how to show and model) to our kids about getting out of their comfort zone as well as what kinds of risks are worth taking.
How to add bravery into everyday experiences