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The FAB (Family Action Blueprint):
​​​​​​​Rules & Expectations Module
“We often have processes and to do lists for work, school, and household duties. But when it comes to the culture of our family unit, we just wish for the best, hope that it all works out and that our tiny humans end up being good people. We forget that the most important part of our livelihood as parents, our family culture, is not left up to chance. It’s a choice.
​​​​​​​Dr. Robyn has created a tool that needs to be a staple in every household. Her Family Action Blueprint was kid friendly and allowed our children to have a huge and rewarding part in deciding on the Family Culture by helping choose rules, expectations and agreements that we ALL want to live by. I’m so thankful that Dr. Robyn has allowed our family to find peace, comfort and safety in our most favorite place -home- and prepared all of us to be the people we truly want to be everywhere we go by creating a positive foundation.”
Allison Kimmey
International Self Love Expert, Body Confidence Children’s Author & Social Influencer

What is FAB?

FAB stands for Family Action Blueprint-- it's a system of engaging printables created by Child & Teen Development Specialist, Dr. Robyn Silverman, to get families talking strategically and actively
​​​​​​​about the family they want to be in this world. 

Whether we are discussing family rules, expectations and agreements, body image and mental positivity, visualizations and aspirations or personal gifts and strengths, Family Action Blueprints give families the tools they need that make the difference— so they can make a difference. 

No more “winging it” and hoping for the best— with a strong roadmap and tools to guide your conversations, FAB provides the direction, inspiration and guidance families need to be successful and connect through conversation on vital topics that are of the greatest importance.

Who is FAB for?

FAB is for families who are sick of just skating by and hoping for the best— families that find themselves frustrated and tired of repeating themselves, spinning their wheels and on different pages when it comes to where they are headed, what they stand for and how to take action on what’s truly important to each one of them. 

  • Are you tired of repeating yourself? 
  • Are you tired of finding your family members are spinning their wheels and not making any progress despite having the strengths and talent to reach their potential?
  • Are you tired of feeling that your family members are all on different pages (or not even trying to get on the same page) for how to connect, communicate and take action? 

If So...The FAB is for you.
“Every parent desires family growth and helping their children become the best they can be. Dr. Robyn has the pulse on how. Following her Family Action Blueprints will help us all raise strong, happy, caring kids.”
Dr. Michele Borba
Author of UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World
How Do I Get The FAB?

Great Question! -- We've made it super simple for you to get the Family Action Blueprint: Family Rules, Expectations and Agreement Edition!

Step 1: Click on the blue button that says, "Grab the FAB (Family Action Blueprint) Now!

Step 2: Complete the checkout process on our easy check out page that you'll be directed to once you click the button.
You can also take advantage and grab the "Get Talkin' Questions" at a fantastic discount on that page

Step 3: Download the FAB and print it out.

Step 4: Put it into action with your family and enjoy the results!

Why are We Offering the FAB At Such A Great Discount?

We are offering the Family Action Blueprint: Family Rules & Expectations Module at an enormous discount to help more and more families set up the kind of home they've always hoped to.   

The Get Talkin’ Jar questions are a favorite— such an amazing way to get the family talking about important topics that tour your family lives everyday.

A Peek Inside at the Table of Contents!
“Dr.Robyn Silverman’s ‘Family Rules - Family Action Blueprint’ is such a wonderfully simple but powerful way to help families connect, respect & reflect on great ways to communicate through creating an agreed set of family rules. I particularly love the colourful 'Wheel of Rules’ as it’s such a helpful way to prompt families to come up with rules that are important to everyone. Grab your copy today and transform your family life quickly & easily. ”
Sue Atkins
ITV ‘This Morning’ Parenting Expert, Broadcaster, Speaker & Author of ‘Parenting Made Easy - How To Raise Happy Children
Pricing for the FAB (Family Action Blueprint) Family Rules Edition:
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"I LOVE these Family Action Blueprints for so many reasons. I love that they work for any child—differently wired or not. I love that they are designed to get families talking and creating a foundation for positive and proactive problem solving. I love that they are rooted in respectful communication. And I love that they will not only create a stronger family dynamic in the now, but they'll also help our kids foster the kinds of skills and emotional intelligence that will serve them well as they grow up and eventually launch."
Debbie Reber
Tilt Parenting, author of Differently Wired: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World
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