Every Child Has SuperPowers: What are YOUR Child’s Strengths?

EVERY CHILD HAS SUPERPOWERS: ? I keep this photo on my desk while I work. It’s of my son from when he was 4 years old (he’s now 7). To me, it reminds me that every child has strengths- gifts that can bless this world and make it s better place to be.

Of course, sometimes those strengths are hidden by old wounds, scars, or sticky labels or covered-over by frustrating behaviors or diagnoses that seem to pop to the forefront like ADHD, ASD, OCD or other neurodiverse brain differences.

It’s not always easy to remember this as a #parent, #coach or #teacher when #kids can push just the right buttons to make us feel a little ?????. I totally get that and I’m right their with you. That Sweet-faced guy in the ?Superman suit ?can drive me bonkers. ? He’s the new Dennis the Menace- if anyone remembers that comic!

But he’s also really bright and clever. Kind-hearted and funny. ❤️And can find anything that you thought you lost do good. We call him “the finder of all lost things.” He can spell words that I have trouble spelling- how does he do that? ❓❓❓He builds amazing things out of blocks and can play #chess like he’s been playing his whole life (he only just started). And when he says “I love you” and gives you an honest to goodness hug, well, he might just melt your heart.

?So- superpowers. What are your #children ‘s superpowers? I’d love to hear about them below!? Or go to my instagram or facebook page to discuss!