How to Talk to Kids about Race and Racism with Shanterra McBride and Rosalind Wiseman

This podcast will focus on talking to our kids about being brace and having uncomfortable conversations about race and racism. Don’t let the discomfort get in the way! Dr. Robyn Silverman interviews coauthors, Shanterra McBride and Rosalind Wiseman, about their book, Courageous Discomfort.

How to Talk to Boys about Sex with Peggy Orenstein Rerelease

This podcast will focus on boys, consent, masculinity, hook-ups, love and porn—and how to open up conversations with boys about these topics that will help them to become more informed boys and better men.

How to Break the Cycle of Reactive Parenting with Hunter Clarke-Fields, MSAE

This podcast will focus on breaking the cycle of reactive parenting so that we don’t get derailed by everyday challenges, irritations, and frustrations while parenting. Hunter-Clarke-Fields provides specific strategies for all parents to use so that we can bring more calm and peace into our daily lives.

How to Talk to Kids about StepFamilies and Blended Families with Ron L. Deal, MMFT ReRelease

This podcast will focus on the 5 love languages and how they apply to blended families. Blended families must learn how to navigate step parents, step siblings, step grandparents with all of their nuances, needs, rules, emotions, concerns and ways that all of these different people want to feel valued and important. Stepfamilies must deal with the pain of the past, the complexities of new relationships and the unique challenges that come with creating one family. As parents and stepparents, how can we have these important conversations about fear, loss, inclusion, empathy and connection—tying the binds between the biological family members and the new family members? How do we find love, strengthen it and keep it in a step family? This podcast addresses these unique challenges.