How to Talk to Kids about the Gifts, Tools and Rituals of the ADHD Brain with Peter Shankman – ReRelease

This podcast will focus on the insider’s take on ADHD from someone who knows. Peter Shankman gives us the tools, tricks, life hacks and insider’s understanding from someone who has ADHD and grew up feeling misunderstood. Of course, he grew up to learn how to use his “faster than normal” brain and to become incredibly successful in business, writing and speaking as an entrepreneur, best-selling author and highly-paid keynote speaker. Peter helps us to understand the gifts of ADHD and how to help kids with “faster than normal” brains to use them to their advantage.

How to Help Kids Build Healthy Technology Habits with Diana Graber

This podcast will focus on talking to kids about navigating the digital world. How do we help them to shape their digital reputation? Use apps? Understand how to cope with cyberbullying, sexting or exposure to possible predators? Dr. Robyn Silverman interviews Diana Graber for a second time.

How to Parent the Danish Way with Jessica Alexander – ReRelease

This podcast focuses on how to parent the Danish way—lessons from the happiest people in the world! Happy, peaceful children grow into happy, peaceful adults who raise happy, peaceful children—and the Danish way of parenting seems to breed happy people! Jessica Alexander and Dr. Robyn Silverman talk about some of the unique methods of Danish parents that help to develop empathy, encourage play and incite togetherness that are foundational to the Danish culture. Walk away with some easy-to-follow tips that can bring peace and wellness to your family during chaotic times.

How to Talk to Kids about Body Image and Self Care with Charlotte Markey

As children grow and enter their preteens and teens, they experience a lot of changes. Social changes, emotional changes, cognitive changes, and yes, physical changes as well. Many girls and boys feel dissatisfied with their bodies. Countless studies have shown that negative body image in girls has been linked with depression and eating disorders as they receive message after message that thinner is better and in fact, thinner is synonymous with being beautiful, well-liked, popular and good. Boys also are pressured to look a certain way—they get the message through toys, commercials, social media, TV and movies that “real men” are athletic and muscular. Perhaps it’s not surprising that a third of teen boys are trying to “bulk up” due to being dissatisfied with their bodies- and did you know that boys and men account for 25% of eating disorder cases? Talking about body image, nutrition, weight and the messages kids receive about their bodies is necessary to keep our children healthy, physically and mentally, as they grow and develop. Let’s discuss it! We have Charlotte Markey on today to talk about body image in both boys and girls!

How to Talk to Girls about Body Image with Dr. Lindsay Kite and Dr. Lexie Kite

This podcast will focus on how to talk to girls about body image, body acceptance and body resilience. Dr. Robyn Silverman interviews Drs. Lindsay Kite and Lexie Kite, sisters and co-directors of Beauty Redefined about this important topic, helping girls learn that their bodies are instruments, not ornaments.