Hire Dr. Robyn Silverman to Speak at Your Next Event

Dr. Robyn Silverman, professional speaker. Photo by: Mahvash Saba“At The R.E.A.L. Girl Launch event hosted by Girl Scouts of the USA and Justine Magazine, Dr. Robyn Silverman spoke passionately about body-image issues facing today’s girls. Her words resonated with our audience—adults and girls alike. Her message embodied our mission to empower girls and young women to develop healthy and positive self-images of themselves. It was a pleasure to have Dr. Silverman featured as a panelist at our inaugural, and very successful, R.E.A.L. Girl event.” — Girl Scouts of the USA

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5 Reasons Conference and Meeting Planners Love Booking Dr. Robyn Silverman

(1) Your audience will be moved, inspired and motivated! Dr. Robyn’s mixture of performance, hands-on tips and coaching will empower your audience to identify their SPARK (Support, Passion, Action, Reason and Knowledge), remove barriers to success, and go after their dreams!

“Dr. Robyn is a terrific asset to my company and to me personally. I’ve been growing this company with her help and I plan to keep moving forward. In the times when I’m not sure where we’re headed, its important for me to know I’ve got a partner with special abilities I can trust. Dr Robyn is “on the outside looking in” for me.” Steven W. Schechner, CEO – Capital Vending & Distribution

Dr. Robyn Silverman as a parenting expert on Good Morning America(2) She’s a Nationally-Recognized Expert: As a go-to expert for The Today Show, Good Morning America, the CBS Early Show, Nightline, The Tyra Show, LA Times, SELF Magazine, Parents Magazine, Aol.com, Galtime.com, and NBC’s LXtv, Dr. Robyn is known for her easy-to-implement tips, direct yet reassuring voice, and enthusiastic attitude.

“Dr. Silverman says “oh no you didn’t!” to comments people make to our young girls even as babies.  Her brilliance shines on stage as she blends humor with serious strategies for a serious issue affecting our youth.” –Christine Baeza, Managing Producer for Amazing Woman’s Day

(3) Audience Members Feel She is Talking to Them: Interweaving stories about many different types of people along with her own, Dr. Robyn gets personal. People say they don’t only think she is talking directly to them but also, about them. Audience members identify strongly with Dr. Robyn’s material and therefore remember it and repeat it for a long time to come.

(4) She delivers and over-delivers: Dr. Robyn customizes her talks to the particular event planner, Dr. Robyn Silverman signing her book, Good Girls Don't Get Fat (weight obsession)venue and group she is speaking to so everyone gets exactly what they want.

(5) She’s versatile: Dr. Robyn speaks on a variety of topics from focus to leadership to character development and body image. Her experience with a wide group of ages makes her the go-to person for so many of your speaking needs year after year!

“Get REAL! No one knows how to bring life into a room better than Dr. Silverman. Watch her mix reality with strategies and add a pinch of laughter. Pure brilliance! Follow her lead and watch your girls shine!” –-Molly Nece, Founder, Molly Sunshine and Miss Sunshine Tour; CEO, Legacy Producers

A Sampling of Dr. Robyn’s Most Popular Presentations

Media Masquerade: 10 Ways Media Impacts Girls, Body Image & Self Esteem

From the dolls girls play with to the ads they see and the shows they watch, media’s impact is far-reaching and all encompassing.   Dr. Robyn Silverman discusses 10 detrimental types of messages media delivers to girls everyday. From ones of sexualization and objectification to those of body bullying, thinspiration and more girls are told repeatedly that they are not good enough the way they are unless they fit into a gender box where standards are often perfect, unhealthy and impossible to reach. Using illustrative images and video clips, the audience remains engaged, engrossed, and sometimes even shocked by what our girls must contend with from every medium—TV, internet, billboards, magazines, and more.  Dr. Silverman lays out the problem, discusses with the audience what they “see” and what is “implied” by what they see and also offers tips and takeaways for all those who attend so that they can immediately make a change, make a difference, and make progress in their own lives and in the lives of girls.

“Dr. Robyn was amazing! Before the workshop officially started, she walked around and warmly welcomed each woman by shaking her hand and saying hello.  I loved this…Dr. Robyn’s mix of personal anecdotes, eye-opening statistics, and disturbing images make the seminar funny, warm, emotional, and touching… Attending Dr. Robyn’s seminar empowered me to want to do even more. She empowered us to be the change we want for our girls, and instead of just leaving it at that, she gave us realistic steps we can take to counteract the negative and confusing messages presented to our girls on a daily basis. And I wasn’t the only one who was impressed.  Our participants LOVED Dr. Robyn! They lined up in droves to buy her book, Good Girls Don’t Get Fat, have her sign it, and speak with her about their thoughts, opinions, and gratitude…I am working to collaborate with Dr. Robyn in the future!”  —Meaghan Whitesides, Girl Scouts “Power of Popular” Conference, Rutgers University

Creating a Community of Character: Cultivating Responsible, Respectful Role Models in Your School

In this dynamic presentation on character and leadership, Dr. Robyn appeals to educators, parents and mentors as the foundational builders of this generation’s future leaders and the cultivators of their school’s or town’s community of character. “A Community of Character is not built by osmosis” she explains, “it must be creatively, and purposely seeded, tilled, tended, encouraged, expected and developed.” Using multi-media and story-telling, Dr. Robyn frames the growth of role models into her easy-to-remember trademarked 5Es: Education, Expectation, Empowerment, Example, and Excellence. Participants leave with specific hands-on strategies for creating respectful school communities and responsible leaders.

Dream without Limits

Get Rid of Barriers, Clarify Your Action Plan, and Succeed at the Goals You Were Born to Achieve! This motivational keynote is designed to inspire audiences to Identify the things that stand in their way; Answer 4 questions that will get them moving and keep them on track; and Actively create the supportive internal dialogue and external environment that encourages them to not only stare their goals in the face—but to go after them, grab for them, and achieve them…so they can become the people they were always meant to be. As she tells her audience, “Dream as if you’ve already been to the finish line. The true test of clear vision is an unmistakable sense of deja vu once a goal is realized.” Audiences leave with a fiery sense of motivation and inspiration that puts then into action!

With so many out there in the media and at home spreading mixed messages about sex, body image and self esteem to young girls and boys it’s essential parents and teachers know where to turn for the right information on raising healthy, self confident men and especially women! It’s a powerful experience to witness health advocate Dr. Robyn Silverman’s presentations. I felt so uplifted, engaged and cared for when Dr. Robyn spoke to a room full of leaders at Amazing Woman’s Day!”Ruth Anne Wood, playwright, success trainer, and interview host

Launch your Leadership Skills

In this powerful, effective program, Dr. Robyn presents leadership skills in an accessible way. Drawing from her experiences as a success coach, she provides powerful yet easy-to implement leadership strategies that allow students to emerge as leaders among their peers. Students will learn specific ways to: Create their future in advance; Identify obstacles to success; “Forward” themselves and others into action; and Become a powerful example to others. Based on Dr. Robyn’s best selling tip book series of the same name, the students who attend this program will be able to apply these leadership skills in every area of their lives to enhance their success and lead the way!

“As a women’s organization dedicated to empowering women to their personal and professional goals, B.I.G. (Believe, Inspire, Grow) was thrilled to have Dr. Robyn Silverman speak at our season kick-off event. Her energy, enthusiasm and positive spirit inspired the women in our organization to shed themselves of unnecessary obstacles and focus more closely on the positive, healthy and strong attributes they all possess. Her skills and talent as a public speaker set the ideal tone for our upcoming season and our women were sent forth by Dr. Robyn to embrace themselves for who they are and proudly take steps to move forward in their lives. It was a wonderful experience.” Tara Gilvar, CEO and Founder of B.I.G. (Believe, Inspire, Grow)

Dr. Robyn Silverman presenting at Girl Scouts of the USABody Beware! Conquering Your Body Bully

Body bashing and body bullying are “the last acceptable forms of discrimination,” according to professional speaker, coach, and expert Dr. Robyn Silverman, author of Good Girls Don’t Get Fat: How Weight Obsession is Messing Up Our Girls and How to Help Them Thrive Despite It. In this jaw-dropping presentation chock-filled with mesmerizing stories and concrete tips, Dr. Robyn discusses the body bullies all around us—from society at large to peers, boyfriends, and family to the most insidious body bully…ourselves!

Whatever you think you know about body image, Dr Robyn will turn it on it’s head, get you thinking differently about it, and most of all, feeling like there’s hope you can help the women in your life (including yourself) change body hate to body hope. Her compassion and wisdom can come only from someone who’s been there, survived and thrived, and she has the academic clout to back up that experience with warm, articulate understanding. Sandy Kumstov, The Body Image Revolution

Limits, Labels & Luggage: Shedding the Past So We Can Charge Towards the Future

Many of us have what Dr. Robyn calls, “Goal Envy.” We see others setting and achieving goals that we want to be our own.  And yet, we come up with all kinds of reasons why we can’t succeed– many of them based on past experiences and old perceptions. While luck, skill, brains and brawn may be part of what makes certain people successful in their field, those who achieve great things know that the true secret of success is the: (1) Removal of limits; (2) Shedding of Labels; and (3) Unpacking of one’s Luggage. In this popular keynote, Dr. Robyn delves into barriers to success from procrastination to panic. Calling a spade a spade, she uncovers what keeps us from even considering the goals we most want to achieve. Never to only focus on the problem, Dr. Robyn offers solutions that will leave your audience excited so that they can implement her tips, leave their past behind, and charge towards a new level of success they never knew they could achieve. (Read an article based on this presentation)

“Dr. Robyn has been a featured presenter at our event for the past several years. She delivers a powerful, targeted message and is a favorite speaker among our conference participants.” Jan Szijarto, Advertising Director, MAIA, MASuperShow

How to Eat an Elephant: Four Little Secrets to Achieve Big Success

Itching to complete your goal?  Motivated but overwhelmed?  Worried that this won’t be your year again? Everyone knows you can’t eat an elephant in one bite.  Dr. Robyn is known for her distinct forward-moving action in both her coaching and her presentations. During her presentation, she will go over 4 Secrets to Eating an Elephant: Making the last few bites manageable and palatable; Controlling the clock and ruling your roost; Stifling the gremlin and calling in the reinforcements; Setting the intention and celebrating the success. Anyone who attends this program comes out saying; “NOW, I finally can do it.”

From my first contact with Dr. Robyn, I knew I had found someone special. She was so energetic and up-beat. Among, Dr. Robyn’s many gifts, is her ability to zoom in on practical solutions for problems. These solutions are not generic, but personalized and right on target. – Eve Lapier, PhD student, Lehigh University

Don’t be a Widget: Stand up, Stand Out, & Stand Proud to Achieve Success!

A MUST HAVE keynote for empowering, inspiring, and moving leaders and educators into “branded action”– action that has that person’s personal stamp on it that allows for the customizable, recognizable results that only that person can bring forth. Dr. Robyn warns that the worst thing you can do as a student, teacher, or business professional is to blend.  Effective and unique leaders, mentors and teachers are not only remembered…they’re the key to success. Don’t be a widget! “Widgets are replaceable, forgettable, and regrettable. Stand up, stand out, and stand proud!”  This energetic presentation will get audiences thinking, cheering and pumped up so that they can not only identify and share their strengths with the world but also lift it up and move it forward in the process.

When Teens Don’t Feel Well: How to Keep a Teen On the Path to Wellness

When a teen says s/he doesn’t feel well, it’s a loaded statement. What’s really going on? From the cyclical problems of risky behavior and poor school performance to body image issues, friendship struggles, and poor self esteem, there is so much more than meets the eye.  Dr. Robyn lays out the problems and how we can help teens tap into their assets and strengths, keep them connected, and light what she calls “SPARK” (Support, Passion, Action, Reason, and Knowledge) to keep them on the path to wellness.

“In a day and age when traditional values are under attack and our children are looking for heroes, it is refreshing to discover a program whose voice must be heard. It is said that the strength of the nation lies in the homes of it’s citizenry. I believe every home deserves to have Dr. Robyn’s Programs.” –Mike Ray, president of Intertel Communications

“As national president of the largest girl-serving organization in the country, I Dr. Robyn Silverman speaking at The Real Girl Eventbelieve every girl deserves a place, a process, and a plan that will allow her to discover her inner power and to celebrate her inner beauty. Thank you, Dr. Robyn, for giving girls the confidence to embrace their bodies and their true selves.” — Connie Lindsey, Girl Scouts of the USA