“It was great to speak to you today. We discussed issues, answers and realities that I already knew but was trying hide so I wouldn’t have to think about them. Talking about them out loud with someone who isn’t in my situation (ie. parents, friends…) was great because it got me to say what I really needed to get out without being judged.”

–Krista F, New York, New York

A good coach can ask all the right questions. Dr Robyn surely does that for me. I’ve been with Dr. Robyn for almost a year now and she’s been a terrific asset to my company and to me personally.

I’ve been growing this company with her help and I plan to keep moving forward. In the times when I’m not sure where we’re headed, its important for me to know I’ve got a partner with special abilities I can trust.Dr Robyn is “on the outside looking in” for me.

Steven W. Schechner
CEO – Capital Vending & Distribution

Dr. Robyn’s no nonsense, yet warm approach is enormously helpful in getting people to reach their goals!  She is extremely professional and takes her role seriously. If you want your coach to be as determined in helping you reach your goals as you are, Dr. Robyn is the coach for you!

–Andrea Reiter, LSW, Madison, NJ

Like most other principals, I get many letters, brochures, and packets of information on seminars, various training sessions and teaching methods. And like most other principals, I throw most of them away, especially those dealing with consulting and presentation. I have found that not many people are competent to consult. Consultation is an art that requires skill. Some consultants therefore always will be more skillful than others. Dr. Robyn Silverman is one that possesses more skill than most. She is competent to advise faculty, students, and parents. Her direct, down to earth, practical approach to dealing with real situations in the school setting works. I highly recommend her.

–James. E. Partin, Principal, Parkview School

“As a long-time single mother of three and an AIDS Certified Registered Nurse running a busy HIV/AIDS clinic, I often look for other individuals to consult with, both on a personal and professional level. One woman who I have come to rely on as a mentor is Dr. Robyn Silverman. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of self-esteem, body image, and bullying. In many ways, she has coached me through what I consider to be the most challenging of parenting years, from pre-adolescence through the teens.”

–Ruth Cooper, BSN, ACRN

‘As for Dr. Robyn’s Girl’s Circle, my daughter has been going over the last three years. For those parents who have preteen and teenage daughters, this program is a life-saver. Dr. Robyn, through her program, has given my daughter a real sense of self-image and self-awareness. She has taught her to love herself first and to not be affected by what others think. She has taught her that what she thinks and feels about herself is so much more important than what anyone else thinks. She has also given her the tools to deal with the “cliques” that are so prevalent in our schools. ‘

–Sheree DelPrete, Rockland, MA

“In a day and age when traditional values are under attack and our children are looking for heroes, it is refreshing to discover a program whose voice must be heard. It is said that the strength of the nation lies in the homes of it’s citizenry. I believe every home deserves to have Dr. Robyn’s Programs.”

-Mike Ray, president of Intertel Communications